Baseball America Digs Up My Past: I Pleaded with NL to Add the DH 34 Years Ago

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KANSAS CITY, Mo.— Kenesaw Mountain Landis had the right idea in 1927. Then the commissioner of baseball, Landis proposed the designated hitter. At the time, the National League agreed, but the American League didn’t. And so the idea was dropped.

Somewhere along the line the AL saw the error of its ways, and in 1973 decided to give the DH a try. The AL has found out it likes it.

For some reason, however, the NL has reversed field and won’t let the DH assume its proper role in both major leagues. Won’t somebody wake up the NL?

There is only one reason for the reluctance of NL owners—they won’t swallow their egos and admit the AL was right.

Yes, letting the pitcher hit is a tradition, but what good is a tradition if it is detrimental to the welfare of the game?

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