The Walker Files: One Vote and 18 Reasons He Belongs in the Hall of Fame

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Larry Walker is arguably the most overlooked candidate on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot. He is in his next-to-last year of eligibility, but has yet to even receive support from 35 percent of the voters.

The knocks on Walker don’t hold water.

And here is my ballot, the ninth time in nine years I have checked Walker’s box.

Here is a compilation of the arguments on behalf of Walker:

Walker was a hit, detractors be dammed

In Defense of Walker

Walker Just An Average HOF Right Fielder — That’s all

Walker had a Rare Speed/Power Combo

Thursday, Dec. 6: Walker Among 10 Biggest HOF Oversights

Wednesday, Dec. 5: Left-on-Left Walker Was Elite

Tuesday, Dec. 4: Walker Enjoyed Coors Field but Don’t Ignore his Road Sucess

Monday Dec. 3: Oops, Walkers OPS+ ranks among the game’s elite.

Saturday Dec. 1: Walker Has Hall of Fame Numbers

Friday, Nov. 30: Time Running Out for Walker’s Deserved Election to Hall of Fame

Thursday, Nov. 29: Walker’s Average Outside Coors Good Enough to be Inside Cooperstown

Wednesday, Nov. 28: Walker Had Isolated Power Only 15 HOFers Have Exceeded

Tuesday, Nov. 27: In Defense of Larry Walker — 7 Gold Gloves and Explosive Bat

Monday, Nov. 26: WAR, What is it Good For? Don’t Ask Walker.

Sunday, Nov. 25: Walker’s Speed, Power Among Game’s Elite

Saturday, Nov. 24: Jaws: Walker Has HOF Worthy Resume:

Friday, Nov. 25: Helton and Waker Victims of Coors Field Phobia

Wednesday, Nov. 23: HOF Bid: Will Nine Be Walker’s Lucky Number?