Jack Etkin of Forbes.com: Blackmon Avoided Slow Market But Is Concerned

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By Jack Etkin

Forbes.com Contributor

Charlie Blackmon knows perfect timing put him above the financial fray. The Colorado Rockies outfielder could have been a free agent after the 2018 season but instead signed a long-term deal that was announced days after that season started.

Nonetheless, Blackmon has for the second straight off-season watched the free agent market creep along, leaving scores of players still unsigned with spring training soon starting. Six years of service time brings the right of free agency. It’s no longer such a coveted status.

“That’s always been the bedrock, the foundation of the way baseball players operate,” Blackmon said. “That’s like the end goal. And to have that all of a sudden be a completely different experience is really going to change the way players feel about baseball and the agreement at which they show up to the park and play the game and get paid. So I’m very concerned.”

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